The following pages include reports from recipients of Fellowships and Studentships from 2006 – 2019.

2016 – 2019

Reports from recipients of Fellowships and Studentships


Reports for 2019 will be available soon




Bio-refining of grass to produce value added products
Anais Giraudeau, from France to Aberystwyth University.



Exploring management practices of calcareous grasslands in central Germany to inform UK management recommendations
Ashley Lyons, Edge Hill University visiting Germany, June 2017.

Comparing herbal leys with grass/clover mixtures
Paul Muto, Natural England visiting Institute of Grassland Science, University of Göttingen, Germany. August 2017 and April 2018.

Assessing and reducing uncertainty in estimating yield biomass, soil temperature and soil water content changes from mowed and grazed upland ecosystems under different management regimes at regional scale
Renáta Sándor, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Sept 2017.

Modeling growth and development of white clover
Wuping Zhang, Shanxi Agricultural University, China visiting IBERS March 2017.

Designing Supported Bimetalli Nanoalloy Catalysts for the Valorisation of Grass Fibre
Chamundi Parambath Jijil, National Chemical Laboratory Pune India visiting Cardiff University, June 2017.


Production of fermented products from grass juice and grass fibre
Neelakshi Dutta, IBERS Aberystwyth June 2017.


A comparison of high frequency, in-situ water quality analyses and sensors with conventional water sample collection and laboratory analyses for both phosphorus and nitrogen species
Juan Andrés Quincke, INIA, Uruguay visiting Rothamsted Research N. Wyke UK, October 2015.

To identify the role of Clavariaceae (coral fungi) in grassland ecosystems
Slavomir Adamcik, Institute of Botany, Bratislava, Slovakia visiting IBERS Aberystwyth August 2016