Innovation Award

The Stapledon Innovation Award is a new and flexible scheme intended to provide awards to individuals to support studies of innovative practices, so that new knowledge or skills may be obtained and applied to the benefit of the grassland and forage sector.

  • Successful applicants will be required to help communicate this new knowledge to others.

  • The scheme is funded by the Stapledon Memorial Trust and supported by the British Grassland Society.

  • It is open to anyone living in the UK/Ireland who is working in grassland farming or a grassland-related business or profession.

  • Visits supported by the scheme can be made within the UK or to other countries.

  • Please note this scheme is not intended to support attendance at a conference.

  • Applications will be considered quarterly, for which the latest submission dates are and 31st August, 30th November, 28th February and 31st May.