Publication Grants

The Trust is prepared to consider applications to support publications relevant to the objectives of the Trust. Any such applications will normally be considered at the Annual Meeting of the Trust Committee in December and should be sent to the Secretary by 31 October each year. However, if the timescale requires a decision more urgently than the next AGM, the committee may be able to respond to requests at other times of the year. The Secretary will be pleased to advise.

Examples include:

  • Grant to support the publication and printing of a book in 2009, marking 60 years of grassland research: ‘The Hurley and North Wyke Story: 60 years of grassland research 1949-2009’ (pdf version can be downloaded from link on or a hard copy can be requested by email to
  • Grant to the European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism to support publication of report HNV Farming in England and Wales (
Application Form available soon