Travelling Fellowship

Fellowship awards can be used to support visits between the UK and Ireland, and other countries to develop studies on any aspect of grassland science. 

  • Travelling Fellowship awards cover periods of 1 – 6 months and are normally sufficient to meet economy travel and basic living costs.
  • Priority is given to supporting younger and mid-career scientists who present applications with clear proposals. Work to be undertaken should be challenging but feasible within the time available and the experience and skills gained from the Fellowship should aim to enhance the applicant’s career development.
  • UK and Ireland based applicants can apply to visit any other country
  • Non-UK/Irish applicants can only apply for a Fellowship to visit the UK or Ireland

Travelling Fellowship Application Procedure

Please note the following points:

  • The fellowships are normally awarded for periods of 1 to 6 months.
  • Applicants should normally be from the post-doctoral level through to mid-career and must be either (a) individuals from any country in the world applying to undertake a study period in the UK/Ireland or (b) individuals resident in or employed in the UK/Ireland applying to undertake a study period in any other country.
  • Applications must be made through the UK/Irish Institute or University that either employs the applicant or has agreed to host the visit.
  • The fellowships will cover the cost of travel to and from the UK/Ireland and some internal travel.
  • Applications for payment of subsistence will also be considered, particularly where there are large differences in the cost of living between the two countries.
  • The Trust will not provide for the costs of attending conferences and workshops.
  • Potential applicants from the UK/Ireland should in the first place discuss the proposed study with their employer and the proposed host organisation. The application must include confirmation on the Application Form that the overseas Institution is willing to host the visit.
  • Potential applicants wishing to visit the UK/Ireland should establish contact with a host organisation in the UK/Ireland and obtain their agreement to submit the application to the Trust. In the absence of contact with a potential host organisation, potential applicants may submit brief expressions of interest directly to the Trust and the Trust will provide contact with an appropriate Institute or University.
  • Travelling Fellowships may involve periods spent at more than one location, but in all cases a single principal host organisation must be identified.
  • Once agreements have been reached in principle with the relevant organisations, the application must be made on the appropriate form and submitted through the UK/Irish organisation.
  • There are different application forms for Fellowships from the UK/Ireland and for Fellowships to the UK/Ireland (see above).
  • The normal submission date is 31 October each year, for consideration at the Trust’s December meeting. However, the Trust will consider applications at other times and applicants should email the secretary for advice on this.
  • Fellows will be required to provide the Trust with a report on the conclusion of the fellowship