Up to £7000 available for 2023 Stapledon Travelling Fellowships

The Stapledon Memorial Trust is now accepting applications for the 2023 Stapledon Travelling Fellowships – worth up to £7000!

Applicants are advised to submit their applications before 31 October 2021 by email. The Fellowship award can be used to support visits between the UK & Ireland and other countries or for applicants from any country visiting UK/Ireland to develop studies on any aspect of grassland science. 

Travelling Fellowship awards cover periods of 1 – 6 months and should be sufficient to meet economy travel and basic living costs. A travel and accommodation budget should be presented.

Priority is given to supporting younger/mid-career scientists with clear applications. Work planned should be challenging but feasible within the time available and the experience and skills gained should aim to enhance the applicant’s career development.

Please discuss proposals with your intended host before applying so the application presents a clear plan of the intended project. All applications should be submitted through the organisations involved; i.e. the workplace of UK/Irish applicants, or the proposed host for overseas applicants.

Awards are not available to directly support PhD studies but may be used for additional training or knowledge enhancement. Awards are not for conference attendance (although the timing of a Fellowship visit may be arranged to take advantage of conferences). The host organization is required to meet or waive any ‘bench’ fees.

We expect applicants to be aware of carbon production from air travel and thus strive to minimise impact by maximising activities/interactions during their project period and where possible use modes of transport that minimise carbon prodcution.

Application is simple and if you need help or advice on your application please contact the Trust Secretary: Mike Steele mike.steelesmt@yahoo.com

Please use the appropriate application form. Remember to get the host/workplace representative to complete their section where appropriate.

The deadline is 31 October 2022* with decisions being made in December.

*The Trust will, exceptionally, also consider applications at other times where the annual cycle might be inappropriate. Please discuss this with the Trust Secretary)

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