Visa Requirements

Prospective applicants (particularly from outside the EU) wishing to apply for a Stapledon Fellowship to support travel to the UK should be aware of potential problems with obtaining a visa.

Since 2009 visa requirements have become more difficult for many nationalities. The website of the UK Border Agency is a useful source of information about which countries’ citizens require a visa.

Applicants should note that in most cases they should consider themselves to be ‘academic visitors’ and to make their application for a visa on that basis. Unless they are intending to take paid employment they should definitely not be applying for a permit to work in the UK.

The granting of a Travelling Fellowship by the Trust should not be considered as payment for work but it should be used an indicator that a Fellow has the financial resources to support their stay and pay for their return fare home.

The Stapledon Memorial Trust will provide whatever documentation it can to support a Fellow’s visa application, but it will be the responsibility of the individual and their host organization to make all the necessary applications. Fellows are advised to start their applications for visas in good time.

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