Trust Policy

The Trust carried out a thorough review of its policies in the later part of 2004 and some changes were agreed at the AGM in December. The Trust endorsed the previous policy of its principal support being for funding Travelling Fellowships, but some major changes in eligibility and procedures were agreed, as indicated below:

  • The restriction of eligibility for fellowships to British Commonwealth countries has been removed, so that there is global eligibility.
  • For UK applicants, the Fellowship may be taken up in any other country, whilst for non-UK applicants the Fellowship must be taken up in the UK.
  • Applications must be made through a UK research institution or educational establishment, although the Trust Secretary can assist in putting candidates from other countries in touch with appropriate UK organisations.

The Trust endorsed the policy that Fellowships would normally be awarded to people from post-doctoral level through to mid-career. The length of visits should normally be in the range of 1 to 6 months.

The Trust will continue to support other activities relevant to the Trust’s objectives and will consider applications from any UK organisation to fund a ‘Stapledon Memorial Lecture’, workshop or conference.

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