New Webinars – Precision Livestock Farming and Sensing Technology in Extensive Grassland Systems

Two exciting webinars on Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) techniques and novel sensing technologies are coming on 17 and 19 November 2020 and will cover state of the art and future potential. Dont miss out on these FREE webinars so to sign up click here

PLF is having a major impact on the management of intensive systems to improve efficiency, reduce disease and improve welfare. However, the deployment of technology into extensive grassland and rangeland systems has proved problematical due to issues of equipment and data costs, sensing of activities over a large scale and currently available technology

Nevertheless, solutions to these problems are now becoming available. In addition, there is potential for future wider uses in land management for environmental benefit, to reduce disasters from fire and flood and to inform policy. Each 90-minute webinar will consider these solutions and encourage development of PLF approaches in extensive systems.

17th November 2020 – the current state of the art – presentations on the use of technologies in grassland and range systems in Europe, Australasia, Africa, and Americas.

19th November 2020 – to examine the future potential of PLF and sensing technologies in extensive systems. Studies by companies developing systems of sensing, communication and storage of data and transfer of relevant information to producers and policy makers.

Each webinar will consist of short presentations led by an expert speaker panel, with the ability to ask questions and make points on chat, plus a final discussion session.  

This is a Stapledon Trust, BSAS Global and EAAP joint venture

Previous Webinars: Locking in C with Grasslands 25 June 2020

SoilAndy Neal Rothamsted Research Portrays soil as a living system

PastureKatja Klumpp INRA France Looks at pasture composition, grazing management and sward multifunctionality.

Woodland on farmHelen Sheridan UCD Dublin Takes about woodland vegetation at different levels as a component of all grassland farms.

Locking in C with Grasslands webinar is here.

How can policy facilitate locking C in Grasslands? 2 July 2020

This is a complex area where there is a need for the policy environment to be right and for farmers and land owners to be on side. Given the time it takes to change soil carbon levels and the diversity of existing carbon levels may be difficult to identify one policy that works for all. This webinar and its discussion helps viewers better understand ways where we might move forward to map the best policy environment.   

Rebecca Heaton, Climate Change Comittee: Land use for a net zero UK

Jorgen E Olesen, Aarhus University, Denmark: How to manage critical thinking in a policy environment that needs carbon sequestration

Paul Muto: Natural England’s evidence based approach

How can policy facilitate locking C in Grasslands webinar is here

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