Introduction of the new Stapledon Innovation Award

The Trust is pleased to announce a new category of award: The Stapledon Innovation Award. This flexible scheme was launched at the Livestock Event at the NEC Birmingham in July 2016, and is intended to provide awards to individuals, including farmers and others involved in the grassland sector, who are resident in the UK.

The aim is to support recipients to acquire new knowledge or skills that can then be applied more widely to the benefit of the grassland and forage sector. Up to £3000 is available per award. Successful applicants will be required to help communicate their newly acquired knowledge to others. The scheme is supported by the British Grassland Society.

The introduction of this Award recognises that innovation not only comes from research, but importantly from the industry itself. The scheme is designed to ensure that these new practices are transferred effectively to the rest of the industry. For example, the Award could support studies of novel arrangements for cooperation and marketing of produce; techniques for improved management of grazing, forage crops or silage; improved integration of agricultural and environmental and animal welfare objectives and ways to improve profitability. Studies are likely to involve travel, within the UK or abroad, although they are not intended to support conference attendance.

Applications will be considered at quarterly intervals (with closing dates of 31 August, 30 November, 28 February and 31 May). The application form can be downloaded here.

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